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Wynne Hardy never thought she’d get engaged on a reality TV show, but when she met Andy on The Rejection Connection, the two of them hit it off. Now he’s asked her to marry him, much to the public’s delight and fascination. They’re all set to wed on live TV in a seaside ceremony at the height of the wedding season.
But just as Wynne thinks all her dreams are coming true, her ex-boyfriend walks back into her life at the worst possible time. Steve broke her heart years ago, and she’s still sorting through her feelings for him. Her heart isn’t as clear as her head that it’s past time to move on-even though she’s engaged to Andy.
At a local TV talk show appearance, Wynne meets Meredith, who won another reality TV show-Marathon Mom-proving herself nothing short of a superhero. As Wynne’s beach wedding plans spin out of control, Meredith offers to help, unknowingly stepping on Wynne’s secret feelings . . . and exposing some secrets Meredith has been keeping to herself. Can these two reality stars get real about their feelings? Will Wynne go through with her televised wedding and be the perfect June bride the network is looking for?

Bubby: I often wonder when I see this type of  TV show, how much of the emotion is real and how much is scripted? The relationships hardly ever seem to last past the season finale. I wonder how many of the contestants are really there for love and how many are there to get their face on national TV? After reading A June Bride, I have a feeling it’s worse than I thought! Let’s just say that poor Wynne seems to be the only one in the whole place who’s actually interested in lifetime love.

Sissy: I couldn’t decide if Wynne is a hopelessly optimistic naive young thing or just an idiot. She doesn’t seem the type to accidentally find herself in the media storm of a reality TV show. Also, I was disturbed by ex-boyfriend Steve and how he had rejected her previously. I didn’t want to trust him too easily. Having said that, I actually enjoyed reading A June Bride. It was entertaining in a fluffy sort of way and got me happily through a 5 mile walk.

Bubby: Fluffy? Yes. Sweet? Absolutely. Like a large marshmallow rolled in caramel and dipped in chocolate. A perfect sweet treat for an afternoon escape. 3.5 bubbles.

Sissy: 3.25 bubbles from me.


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Meg Langslow has been called home to be Maid of Honor at three weddings – those of her brother, her best friend and her own mother. Each bride seems to be vying for Bridezilla of the year honors by changing venues, changing decorations, even changing dresses at the last moment. Meg has to try to keep the weddings from becoming disasters. In the midst of all this a newcomer blows into town and starts hinting of skeletons in the guests closets and then suddenly ends up dead. As Meg tries to find the killer before he or she can strike again, mayhem and mischief reigns as accident after accident, some fatal, befall the townspeople. Added to the mix are a nephew whose pet duck follows him everywhere, a sea of crazy relatives and a gorgeous man who, to Meg’s dismay, is rumored to be gay.

Bubby: This is my pick this week. Murder With Peacocks is the first in a series – I own them all. I love the crazy cast of characters, from Meg’s dad, a retired doctor with a love for true crime to Eric, Meg’s nephew who is constantly followed by a duck (named Duck).

Sissy: I like this series because the cast of characters are crazed lunatics and they remind me of my family, if we were to all get together. Meg is a blacksmith by trade who creates functional works of art out of metal and manages to do a lot of amateur sleuthing on the side.

Bubby: Wow, you actually like a book I chose? The Zombie Apocalypse must be right around the corner!

Sissy: Tut, tut, dear Bubby. I have not come to the point of criticism in my review yet.

Bubby: I rather thought it was too good to last. Carry on, Sissy.

Sissy: I have already said my piece about cozy murder mysteries and how the average person doesn’t even witness ONE murder, let alone 27, in the course of a lifetime. Also, all the madcap frenzy surrounding Meg and her family becomes slapstick and maudlin at times, just like the Twilight movies.

Bubby: Oh no you didn’t! There will be no Twilight bashing on this blog, thank you very much. I just saw the last movie and I am still emotionally involved with the characters.

Sissy: Fine. You cried, I laughed hysterically. What does that tell you? Anyway, my favorite character in the book is Duck. Just kidding! Donna Andrews is quite witty, like myself, but sometimes I want her to rein herself in.

Bubby: My favorite character is Michael. He is so sweet and kind and beloved by the Vietnamese ladies in his mother’s dressmaking shop. Patient and handsome – definitely too good to be true. Or maybe not? No spoilers! I quite like the “madcap frenzy surrounding Meg and her family”. Makes my life feel calm and normal! I love that she hates the woman who her brother Rob is marrying but agrees to be maid of honor anyway to keep family peace.

Sissy: You definitely never know what’s going to happen next in these books. The stories have wonderful twists and turns and Donna Andrew’s imagination seems to be endless, like mine. However, sometimes I have to put the books down and have a valium and watch the Hallmark channel.

Bubby: I am afraid, darling sister, that your need for a valium has little to do with whatever you may be reading at the time. At any rate, I have nothing whatsoever bad to say about these books. I simply adore them. They are a great escape, they are clean and funny and my teenagers love them so much that several of the covers are missing! Sissy is just grumpy.

Sissy: Fine. Good. Whatever. I do not throw these books off the deck when Bubby brings them to me to read. I read them and enjoy them. And I heard about people who buy books with the covers missing from illegal vendors. Is there something you’d like to confess, Bubby?

Bubby: Are you accusing me of book thievery? I would never! In fact, I plan on buying these books AGAIN to replace the ones that have been so well loved that they are now coverless. That’s how much I like them. 4 bubbles from me.

Sissy: All right, already. It was a joke. Don’t get your knickers in a twist! 3 bubbles from me.

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Click HERE to buy Murder With Peacocks by Donna Andrews at

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