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Bubby: We have moved! Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our technical design team (also known as relatives and friends of relatives who owed us favors) we have a new beautiful website which is going live Monday September 15th. It is fabulous and we are so excited to show it off! We’d love for all you readers to go visit it and let us know what you think. Oh, and we’re willing to bribe you to do it…

Sissy: Absolutely! Here’s the deal – we have three $10 Amazon gift cards up for grabs. Want one? Just go to the new site Monday (same address as before – or and leave us a comment. We will randomly choose three winners.

Bubby: Be sure to leave us some sort of contact information, otherwise Sissy will steal your prize. She does that, you know.

Sissy: That was a long time ago, Bubby. Get over it! So dear readers, enter! Enter! Enter! Unfortunately, this contest is open to only our North American and UK readers. Unless there’s an Amazon site in Lithuania or Malaysia that we don’t know about…

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Well, Sissy and I are taking a bit of a break for a few weeks. Between European vacations (Hooray!) and a wedding and multiple house movings, we are tuckered out! But don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it. And we have a fantastic contest planned – be excited!

Bubby: We have winners! Huzzah!

Sissy: So excited! This lovely gift of hot chocolate (isn’t it pretty!) and their book of choice goes to – drumroll, please –


MarjAnn Ober from Utah and Sandee Poff from Kentucky!!

Bubby: MarjAnn and Sandee, we will contact you via email as well. Congratulations!

Sissy: Thanks, everyone, for reading and participating.

Bubby: Hey, dear readers! We know that several of you have taken up the challenge and entered our contest by sharing a post. Unfortunately, unless you TELL us, we can’t count your entry!

Sissy: Yes, we need you to not only SHARE a post but also leave a comment – either on our Facebook page at or at our blog at

Bubby: Thanks so much! Remember, we are giving two winners a hot cocoa and book combo pack and you get to choose ANY book that we’ve reviewed.

Sissy: Contest ends on November 13, 2013 so hurry up!

Bubby: Hey, Sissy, have you gotten the accounting firm of Jacobs and Sons to tally the contest winners yet?

Sissy: Yes dear.  The winners have been selected and we are ready to announce them to the world at large!

Bubby: It’s like Christmas all over again! So who won?

Sissy: The lucky ladies are . . . Gina M and Diana B!!

Bubby: Congratulations, Gina and Diana! We will send you an email right away to let you know you’ve won and to get your addresses. Your chocolate will be on its way faster than you can say Godiva 3 times!

Sissy: Happy New Year! Happy Chocolate!

Bubby: And for all of you wonderful people who entered and didn’t win this time, do not fret. Another contest will be announced in the near future. Keep reading!

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