Books To Take You Away From It All

We are Bubby and Sissy, two real-life sisters who are constantly searching for the next great escape read.  We both have busy lives and we look forward to those moments that we can fill up the tub with Lemon-Verbena bubble bath, pop the top off a box of Godiva and sink into the suds with a great novel to get away for a while.  We do not always agree on everything, but we always have fun!

Bubby(on the left) is married with 4 fabulous children ranging from littles to teens.  She is a certified food snob; loves to cook and loves to eat (as long as it’s good!).  She spends her time avoiding the laundry, playing mindless computer games and, of course, reading.

Sissy(on the right) is married and also has 4 children (not so little).  She is a certified music snob and hates to cook.  When she is not busy taking care of the grumpy old man downstairs (aka Bubby and Sissy’s dad), she is a singer/songwriter/vocal coach.  Whenever possible she can be found locked in the bathroom reading.

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