A year’s worth of novellas from twelve inspirational romance authors. Happily ever after guaranteed. (From Goodreads.com)

Sissy: Did you ever just want to read something that you know is not going to be too intense but light and delightful with a happy ending for sure? Some days, that’s what I want to read and these novellas precisely fit the bill. We read the first six, December through May. The settings and backgrounds and characters are all different but there’s always a wedding at the end. I thought it was really interesting how each author took their assigned month and wove a story about a wedding around it. You have everything from guerilla gardeners to runaway brides to an American marrying a foreign prince to a groom suffering with PTSD.

Bubby: Don’t forget the one about the cursed heirloom dress and my hands-down favorite, the one about mistaken identities. This last novella is A January Bride (how fitting is that?) and while I really enjoyed them all, I absolutely loved this one by Deborah Raney. Maddie is an author whose house is under construction and needs a quiet place to write. Arthur is an English professor and grieving widower who owns a bed and breakfast, the perfect place for Maddie to write when Arthur is away teaching. They are brought together by a meddling elderly neighbor who gives them both the impression that all involved are just as elderly as she! Weeks of note-leaving and the occasional phone call and neither Maddie nor Arthur have any idea that they are both in their 30’s and looking for love. It’s just delightful.

Sissy: A January Bride was my favorite as well. A close second was A May Bride which is about a woman, Ellie, who de-stresses by illegally weeding the gardens at a neighborhood church. She meets her future groom at a “guerilla wedding”, where the wedding party hurriedly sneaks onto the grounds of a church without permission, has the wedding and then runs away. Ellie sees the wedding while she is weeding and she hides behind some tall flowers to watch. Handsome Gray Witby, a member of the wedding party spies her and, well, you’ll have to read it to find out what happens next.

Bubby: I so love the idea of a guerilla wedding. Not the part about getting out of paying for a venue but the sheer romance of a spur of the moment, let’s just do this thing, marry me now or lose me forever type of wedding. Not that any of my children are allowed to do such a thing – I only like it in concept, not in reality. Maybe a guerilla vacation? I am up for that! These six novellas are all billed as Christian romances but vary in their degree of religiosity, from barely any (but still perfectly clean and lovely) to heavily laced with scriptural references. All are good. 3.5 bubbles from me.

Sissy: A guerilla vacation sounds good to me.  I’ve been telling my family for years that one day I’m going to just jump in the car and drive to Santa Fe.  Nobody understands or wants to go with.  As for you, dear readers, the first six “A Year of Weddings” novellas will give you a mini-guerilla vacation of fluff and happiness, so you should just jump in and read them!  3.5 Bubbles.

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