New York socialite Goldie Fischer seems to have it all: wealth, beauty, and a fiancé to die for. Until she’s murdered on her wedding night by a jealous witch and instantaneously loses everything. Angry and seeking revenge, Goldie becomes a dybbuk. Her soul possesses the body of Southern football hero Clay Harper and she refuses to join the light until the wrongs are rectified.

Only Clay has issues of his own and doesn’t take kindly to a petulant New Yorker in his head, interfering in his already messed up life. When Goldie promises to leave if Clay helps her break up the wedding between her fiancé and the witch who killed her, Clay reluctantly agrees. Only neither of them is prepared for the chain of events that follow.

Through the journey of two disparate people on a quest to make things right, Touchdown is a funny yet heartbreaking look about what it takes to truly know another soul and what it means to love.

Bubby: Sissy, what would you call a romance about a high-society New York Jewish bride whose soul gets stuck in the body of a college football player from Alabama?

Sissy: Well Bubby, that’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. It’s just the kind of weirdness that usually attracts you. I am definitely intrigued. Tell me more!

Bubby: That’s the plot of the new book from one of our favorite authors, Yael Levy. It’s a light and fluffy paranormal romance with lots of fun characters who end up learning what love and life and true happiness are really all about.

Sissy: Yes it’s just the kind of read one needs for a quick getaway during this busy time of year. Do yourself a favor. Do not go to the mall, instead order online and spend the afternoon on the couch reading. Or in the bathroom hiding from your kids and reading. Not that I ever do that.


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We received a copy of Touchdown from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.

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