When a pair of misfit teens, Sam and Renee, uncover disturbing experiments conducted in the basement of their neighbor’s house, they become entangled in medical research that could destroy their lives and forever alter the human aging process. After Renee’s life is threatened, she takes on a new identity and moves to New York with her family. There she finds herself haunted—whether by someone real or something supernatural she doesn’t know—and finding out may be the last thing she ever does. (From Amazon.com)

Bubby: A friend of mine recommended we read and review these and I am so glad she did! Cycles and Spaces were great! I can’t wait for more by Lois D. Brown. I do have a confession, though. While Cycles was really good – great story, good characters, yaddah yaddah, Spaces is my favorite, hands down of the two. It just sucked me in. Why? No idea. Maybe it’s the sweet romance between Renee and Sam. Maybe it’s the angst of private school and how she deals with that. Perhaps it’s the eerieness of the hauntings. Most likely, it’s a combination of all those mixed together with a bit of a murder mystery and a really unexpected ending that I SO TOTALLY did not see coming.

Sissy:  This is another YA book, but I really liked it.  I think that some YA books remind me that I’m so old I could be mistaken for dirt and others make me forget I come from the age of typewriters and “suck me in,” as Bubby says.  (My 7-year-old neighbor told me yesterday that her teacher brought in an actual typewriter to school and let them have a turn on it.  She asked me if I had ever seen “one of those things.”  I had no words…)  But I digress–I enjoyed Cycles and Spaces because the writing is good, and the premise is different and inventive (read:  no vampires).  It is a bit of sci-fi, paranormal, mythology, mystery, and romance all rolled into one.

Bubby: I loved that Lois D. Brown was able to write a pair of novels that connected beautifully with each other but were very different stories. The first book, Cycles, is all about Renee’s special abilities as a Cycler – someone who is reborn, like a phoenix, every 13 years. Spaces addresses a whole ‘nother issue – someone is hunting Renee and someone or something else is “haunting” her. (See what I did there? Haunting and hunting? I am so clever!) It’s the characters and their relationships that tie the two novels together. It’s a difficult thing to attempt but Brown has done it well.

Sissy:  This is true, Bubby!  Not only are you too, too clever, but Lois Brown has also cleverly segued from one book to the other, keeping and resolving certain elements and characters while introducing new and interesting people and plot lines.  I liked the fact that the romance is stronger in the second book, because I do always enjoy a good romance side plot.  But the word I will have to use again for the Cycles series is INVENTIVE ( I know I said it before, but as people age they repeat themselves, and you just have to be patient and give them presents).   This is what a like about Lois D. Brown–her inventiveness.  She is an Indie writer, and I am excited and intrigued to see what she comes up with next.  She has a new book coming out soon, which I shall investigate.

Bubby: You are certainly feeling your age today, Sissy. Remember, age is just a number! You are as young as you think you are! Youth is wasted on the young! At least that’s what I’ve heard. I am still quite youthful, so I wouldn’t know! I truly enjoyed the Cycles series. They were fun and different and had great romance and good endings. 4 bubbles from me.

Sissy:  Yes, Bubster (like hipster), you are a babe in arms.  I am thinking about age because my son said to me this morning “ mom, can you believe you’re almost ()?  Isn’t it amazing that you have lived for () years?  I glared at him and replied “What–it’s amazing because I’m so gorgeous?  So fabulous?  Everybody wishes they were me?”  The little diplomat just smiled and said “Exactly.” I liked the Cycles series by Lois D. Brown a lot, and you readers should pick them up and enjoy them just like I did (so you can be like me :)).  4 bubbles

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