Bubby: Hey Sissy! How did you enjoy our European Vacation?

Sissy: It was dreadful. I didn’t see any of the sights I wanted to see. The food was mundane. My children were messy. It was too hot. I didn’t have enough money. How did you like it?

Bubby: Wow. Sucks to be you. I always thought a European Vacation would be a thrilling experience full of culture and history and exotic food. Maybe we would have had a better time if we’d actually GONE to Europe instead of just pretending to go?

Sissy: Precisely.

Bubby: But summer is now officially over – the kids are back in school, the weather should be cooling down soon (did you hear that, Mother Nature? Cooling down, I say!) and it is time to get back to the book reading and blog writing!

Sissy: Yes. My house has been thoroughly scrubbed top to bottom, my one remaining child sent back to school and I bought myself some new, sexy-librarian reading glasses. Ready to blog.

Bubby: Yippee! Maybe I should buy myself some sexy-librarian glasses. Oh wait, I don’t NEED glasses . . .

Sissy: Oh, there it is. The old spark is back! I was worried for a moment. Bubby was so mellow and laid back today that she could almost lick her own heels.

Bubby: And we all thank you for THAT mental image.

Sissy: Check back Tuesday August 27th for our Fall Kickoff Blog where we will be reviewing some exciting and entertaining reads.

Bubby: See you then!

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