Vancy Salo’s Hungarian grandma has cursed her family. And Vancy is the latest victim. She has been left at the altar and the press is fascinated with this story of love gone wrong because of Grandma’s curse. Vancy has always said she doesn’t believe in the curse, but now that she is groom-less and being chased by reporters, she might be changing her mind. When she takes refuge at Matthew Wilde’s home, she never could imagine that soon they’d be sharing the house with Matt’s four-year-old twin nephews. Two little boys, reporters galore, lots of meddling family and a curse? Sounds like the perfect recipe for love.

Sissy:  This book is not for the overly sophisticated, or those who think they are.  It is a sweet love story that is funny in parts and definitely has a happy ending.  I like the little Hungarian grandma’s curse twist, and I like the heroine’s name–Vancy Salo.  Vancy gets jilted at the altar, and the press thinks it is because of Nana Salo’s curse.  Is it? Or does it just end up being good luck on Vancy’s part?  You shall see!

Bubby: Sometimes a book will just catch my eye. I was at the library with my horde and was looking for something light and funny to amuse myself with while the kids picked books for themselves. And there on the shelf was Everything but a groom. (As well as the rest of the books in the Everything But series.) You see, Nana Salo thought that she had been left at the altar and being part Gypsy, she cursed her fiance’s family to never have a beautiful, happy wedding. But then her fiance showed up after all and so now the curse is on her own family. After her marriage she was able to amend the curse to say that no one in the Salo family will ever have love as long as they care more about the wedding than about their love and marriage. So when Vancy plans this big beautiful wedding, Nana is concerned. As well she should be!

Sissy:  Okay, this book reminds me of the old  romances I used to read in the summers when we went to visit great Aunt Eva.  She had an a-frame house in the mountains and up in the loft where I slept there were shelves and shelves of romance paperbacks.  Except for being a little more modern, this book takes me right back to those great days.  The other books in the series are Everything But A Bride, Everything But A Wedding, Everything But A Christmas Eve, Everything But A Mother, and Everything But A Dog.  I have not read the others–have you, my dear sister?

Bubby: I have read the first three but not the rest. I will have to remedy that! I loved the family relationships in these books. The Salos own a large construction firm and it seems that every member of the family is involved in some way. There are lots of family dinners and get-togethers and it just seems so nice and idyllic. Our leading man, Matthew Wilde, has the complete opposite family. Divorced parents and a brother that can’t quite seem to get his life right. Can you imagine, Sissy, if I had indulged in a few flings here and there and suddenly showed up on your doorstep with twin boys I couldn’t (or didn’t want to) care for anymore? Gave them to you and then took off again? This is what happens to Matt. Suddenly, he is in charge of two delightfully naughty boys – oh, and Vancy is hiding at his house because the press won’t leave her alone!

Sissy:  Well, I would take your boys, give you a swift kick in the hiney, and rearrange my life.  This seems to be one of the more boring of our blogs, but I don’t have much to say about this book.  It fits into that “light, fun, summer romance” category, and it is a good and necessary category, but doesn’t necessarily inspire great commentary.  Holly Jacobs fills an important niche for those of us who love a nice love story once in a while but don’t like the excess steaminess that is found in most contemporary romances.  I was perusing the cheap and free books on my kindle the other day and a majority of them are ultra sexual smut machine romances–word porn.  Not for me.

Bubby: I agree. Sweet, clean romance is what I am looking for. Not really interested in reading about other people’s intimate encounters! I really enjoyed my foray into Holly Jacob’s Everything But series. Fun, entertaining and heartwarming.

Sissy:  A book series perfect for a day like today–sunny, with a cool breeze.  Go outside and pop yourself into a comfy chair in the shade and have a lovely little read.  3.5 Bubbles.

Bubby: I’m thinking a hammock and some lemonade! 3.5 bubbles from me too.