Sissy:  It is time for our first annual Bubblicious Spring contest.  Our lucky winner will receive an indulgent gift basket of all things bubble bath-y. Wondrously good smelling bath salts, elixers, lotions and potions will go perfectly with your current bubble bath reading material.  Doesn’t this sound divine, my darling Bubby?

Bubby:  Too, too perfectly divine, Sissy.  What does one have to do to be entered into this delicious contest?

Sissy:  Glad you asked.  Our readers simply have to (1) Share this post on their Facebook timeline and (2) Write a comment with it telling why blogs such as are so fabulously useful in finding good books to read.  When they do these two things they will be entered automatically!

Bubby:  So exhilirating!   Next Friday, April 12th, we will do a random drawing of the names of those entered, et voila!  The winner will be announced and the fantastic basket of bubblebath wonders will be sent out!

So there you are, readers–enter away!