Two-legged “Wolves” redistributing the wealth of noble citizens who pass through the forest, a princess who has hung up her dancing shoes and donned a red, hooded cloak, and grannies who turn out to be more evil than kindly–all these add up to a mashup of Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses with some new twists, villains, and heroes added in for good measure.  Princess Petunia finds out that wolves can be rakishly handsome and very helpful in vanquishing evil kings and ending family curses.




Sissy:  This is a delightful conclusion to the Princess series by Jessica Day George, wherein she weaves several different fairy tales throughout her own version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I was trying to read a different book altogether but couldn’t get into it, so I cast it aside and started on this one.  No problems whatsoever getting into it!
Bubby: Don’t be alarmed that this is the third in a series. Princess of Glass and Princess of the Midnight Ball are fabulous and if you haven’t read them, then get to the bookstore or the library and read them right now! But reading them is not necessary to enjoy Princess of the Silver Woods. It functions quite well as a stand alone novel.  In the kingdom of Westfalia, the king and queen were blessed with not one, not two but TWELVE daughters. No sons. Because of the queen’s love of gardening and flowers, each daughter was given the name of a flower – Rose, Hyacinth, Poppy,Lily, Jonquil, Iris, Lilac, Violet, Pansy, Daisy, Orchid, and Petunia – the heroine of our story.
Sissy:  But no Princess Buttercup, alas.
Bubby: That’s already been done, Sissy. I can lend you that book if you’d like . . .
Sissy:  Every time you write lengthy paragraphs and then cut me off after one bitty sentence I think that you must have a novel in you, Bubby, that’s just oozing and bubbling to get out.  Write it, already, and we’ll have a blog tour and spend all your money!
Bubby: Nope. No novel here. I just enjoy being obnoxious from time to time. Love you!
Sissy:  And you are a professional!  I liked the villains in this story–they are utterly creepy–and the whole Kingdom Under Stone is described in such a way as to totally creep me out with its creeptasticness.  Cold, with the colors of bruises, and everything fake and itchy and twitchy, the whole place and its inhabitants are creepalicious.  No wonder it sucks the very life out of the princesses who come from a place of sunlight and warmth.  Also we have some very dashing and unconventional heroes to give us hope.
Bubby: I am sure that there’s some fantastically erudite parallel to be made here about light and darkness and evil and good and such but who cares? It’s a great story! I get tired of namby pamby pampered princesses who wait upon their handsome princes to ride up and save the day. Get off your butt and save your own dang day! That is what these girls do. In the first chapter of Princess of the Silver Woods, the leader of the local bandits (catchingly called the Wolves of the Westfalian Woods) attempts to rob Petunia – till she pulls out a pistol and tells him if he doesn’t back off he will get it! Right in the eye! You go girl! Sissy:  Why did you not enlighten us, oh queen of erudition?  Here–I’ll help.  Light, sun, warmth=good and happycakes; Dark, cold, hard=evil, rotten and suck festival.  And yes–these princesses are pistol-packin’ mamas and they know what to do with em!  Also handy with sharp, silver knitting needles.  I appreciate the way Jessica Day George uses many and varied fairy tale devices throughout this tale, and does it with wit and imagination to spare.
Bubby: I love almost all the characters in these tales – even the evil ones, but I must admit that I was not fond of King Gregor this time around. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because when . . . like I’d actually spoil the fun! Let’s just say that I don’t agree with everything he does. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you get there. But I do LOVE Jessica Day George. Not only does she write these yummy fairy tale remixes but she also has several books for the younger set that are wildly entertaining. And I know her. Yep. We’re like best buddies and stuff. Kinda. Ok, well, I know someone who knows her. And she said hello to me on Facebook once. That counts, right? Whatever. She’s a talented writer and I like her books. Although I do wish that this royal family had a last name – how cool would it be to have characters named Petunia, Pansy and Poppy Postlethwaite? If I ever do write a novel, my main character will be named Poppy Postlethwaite. Yep.
Sissy:  I’m telling you, Bubs, you need to get right on that.  And what is Queen Elizabeth’s last name?  Windsor?  People like that don’t have to bother with inane subjects like surnames.  Just call me “Your Majesty,” and that’s all I need.  “Your Eminence” has a nice ring to it, though.  Possibly  “One True Empress?” No matter what you call me, you can rest assured that I have good taste in books, and this one is a winner.  Read it, and have a mini getaway to the Kingdom of Westfalia.  The One True Empress pronounces it to be a 4 bubble read.
Bubby: Yes, your Royal High Maintenanceness. I agree, it is a great book. 4 ½ privileged and royal bubbles from me.

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