Breezy Jones loves being the weathercaster for the local station in her small town of Aspen Grove.  Giving accurate weather forecasts is her passion – and she’s good at it. But when the station is sold suddenly, the new management isn’t so crazy about Breezy.  The new general manager, Noah Drake, is all about ratings and he’ll do anything it takes to make the station a success – even if it means replacing Breezy with someone new. As Noah makes more and more changes to the station, conflict rages and the town begins to fight back.  Breezy finds herself increasingly annoyed, and inexplicably attracted to Noah. Does he feel the same? Will she ever get her prized weathercasting job back?
Bubby: If you are in the mood for a light and fluffy romance that is short and sweet (like Sissy), this is the book for you. The author calls it a novella, as it is only 176 pages, but it’s plenty long to keep you happy through one of these long, dreary winter afternoons.
Sissy:  Yes, I looove books like this.  Heather Horrocks writes in a light, entertaining, non-cheesy way and I come away from the reading experience feeling happy and hopeful, (albeit raisiny from my 176 page bathtub soak…)
Bubby: It’s not often that you meet a main character who is so nice and sweet – there is nothing NOT to love about Breezy Jones. Breezy is following in her father’s footsteps as the weather man (weather woman? weather person? . . . .)
Sissy: Possibly Weather Forecaster…
Bubby: Sure. Forecaster. Anyway, she’s always had a love for the weather and even has the college degrees in meteorology to prove it. And yet when her news station gets sold, this know-it-all city boy thinks he can just toss her aside in favor of the stereotypical sexy bimbo weathergirl. That’s a mistake, mister!
Sissy:  The introduction of the character of “Hurricane Pamela” gave me plenty to stew about.  I am so extremely annoyed at the double standard that exists in the media (huge) and plenty of other environments.  We have beloved older gentlemen newscasters who look “distinguished” with their grey hair and their less than stellar waistlines are tolerated, along with their wrinkles and age spots.  But do you see any spotty, wrinkly, chubby, grey-haired women???  No– they get canned as soon as their cleavage sags a millimeter.  I saw a beautiful young singer doing a duet with a male singer who sang well but looked like he had just crawled out from under a rock.  Why is that okay, when the female NEVER would be allowed out or get a contract without being sucked, plumped, and coiffed?
Bubby: Amen, sista! I also had issues with Noah Drake (the new general manager) being so unwilling to believe that Breezy could really be as sweet and nice as she seemed. I think that there are too many women out there who act like Pollyanna to a man’s face but are real pieces of work (if you know what I mean) and it seems like Noah thinks she is that kind of girl.
Sissy:  Sweet and nice do not equal brainless doormat.  Well, having said my piece about that social issue, I shall now speak more about the enjoyable aspects of Pride and Precipitation.  Aspen Grove seems to be a lovely town, and its inhabitants seem loyal, kind, and friendly.  The Chick Flick Clique in my neighborhood needs to be organized immediately–I shall not be president but maybe dessert chairperson.  And, Breezy’s co-workers are a great group–loyal friends as well.
Bubby: Oh, yes! The Chick Flick Clique! That is one of my favorite parts of this book – it’s a group of women who get together once a month at a local restaurant to watch a “Chick Flick”, eat yummy food and have excellent conversation. It’s a fabulous idea – women need a place where they can hang out together and have a little break from the stress and strain of everyday life.
Sissy:  Well, my dear, this book (all of Heather Horrocks’ books I’ve read, actually) are light and refreshing and perfect for those days when the president raises your taxes, you get a flat tire, and your child forgets about their big project and desperately needs your help till midnight ( and your husband snored all night the previous night and you only got 4.6 hrs of sleep and you feel murderous.)  I give Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks 4 out of 5 bubbles.
Bubby: Hey! Your husband snored all night too? Sounds like we need to send ourselves on vacation! But since we can’t, I think I’ll pick up another Heather Horrocks book and have a mini vacation on my couch. A great escape read. Pride and Precipitation gets 3 and ¾ bubbles from me.

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