When veterinarian Joy Hudson returns to her hometown to help care for her aging father all the trauma of her senior year in high school also returns with a vengeance.  For eighteen years she has tried to erase her painful memories of her best friend’s tragic death.  Now she has to face the boy she blames, who is now the handsome doctor of her parents.  Joy is even more troubled by spooky occurrences in her new home, and the fear that someone is trying to harm her.  Finding answers about the past and dealing with the troubles of the present will take all the courage that Joy has.

Bubby: I wasn’t sure what to think of this book after the first few pages. It seemed like it was heading in the direction of the “I used to love him but I was young and stupid and now – oh wait! I still love him! Smooches all round!” romance novels that are a dime a dozen. Boy howdy was I wrong! In this great book by Edie Claire we have romance (naturally!), mystery, a ghost and even a big fluffy dog! What’s not to like!

Sissy:  Edie Claire is a good writer, and I was so thrilled to discover her (and she has written a lot of books that I now can read!).  Yes, it has all the elements Bubby mentioned, plus some danger and an attempted murder.  But BEST of all, it is a STAND ALONE mystery.  No repeat murders, no plethora of bodies, (a new one every 6 months!) just one death that was traumatic enough to last a whole lifetime.  As it should be.

Bubby: Oh, gosh. Didn’t we just talk about your issues in the last review? I think you need to see a cozy mystery therapist. My goodness. I think that perhaps someone hit you on the head with a cozy mystery when you were small and now – now you have a pathological fear of them. At any rate, this is a wonderful story. I found myself imagining how my life would have been different had my best friend died during our senior year in high school. (She didn’t. She is alive and well and happily married with two adorable boys! Hooray!) I don’t think I would have dealt even as well as Joy did. I would have ended up in the loony bin for sure.

Sissy:  I agree–we’ve barely managed to keep you out of there as it is.  And please note that even though I have issues with cozy mysteries, we still read and review them.  And how many gothic romances have we read and reviewed (remember, those ones you hate)?  Zero.  So, yes, I enjoyed the plot line, the romance, the paranormal aspect that kept me guessing, and the wonderful conclusion.

Bubby: Fine. You get to choose all the books from now on. Yep. All you. Wait! What am I saying? What, am I crazy? Ha! I really enjoy a plot that keeps me interested and guessing all the way until the end. Being the incredibly intelligent and intuitive person I am, it is often too easy for me to guess the culprit far too early in the book. One of the burdens I must live with, I guess. But Edie Claire kept me in the dark – so much so that when the perpetrator is finally revealed, I found myself yelling “NO! Don’t go with — ! — is the killer! —- is the killer!”

Sissy:  To answer your second question, Bubby–yes.  When Bubby was little and yelled out to herself we used to sedate her and put her in a special room.  But, I must agree that the writer surprised us (although Bubby’s many hours in her special room helped her hone her intuitive skills, so she wasn’t as surprised I’m sure.)  Emotionally engaging, suspenseful and spooky–Long Time Coming by Edie Claire gets 4 bubbles from me.

Bubby: You know that I’m going to haunt you when I die – just for comments like that. Oh wait – you’ll die first since you’re MUCH MUCH older. Anyway, I truly enjoyed Long Time Coming. Well written, great characters, nice dog. Can’t wait to read more by this author. 4 bubbles.

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