The Betarrini sisters, Gabi and Lia, have spent every summer of their lives in Italy with their archaeologist parents. On yet another hot and dusty archeological site in rural Tuscany, these two teenage girls are bored out of their minds.  The sheer boredom drives them to break their mom’s rule and enter an ancient tomb.  When Gabi places her hand atop a hand print, she  finds herself in fourteenth-century Italy in the middle of a fierce battle. With the introduction of handsome knights, castles, and intrigue, Gabi’s summer in Italy becomes much more interesting than she could ever imagine.

Sissy:  We have done reviews of books that involved time travel before, but this one seemed to be a bit different and refreshing, don’t you think, Bubby?

Bubby:  Yes I do agree. I think part of the difference may be location – in Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, we are in the luscious land of Italy. Specifically, Florence and Siena. Complete with fabulous scenery and fabulous heroic men. I’m definitely refreshed!

Sissy:  How old are you?  And how does your hubby feel about your penchant for other fabulous heroic men?

Bubby: There is not a man on the face of this earth, real or fictional, that can compare in any way with my husband. He is without peer. However, that does not stop me from, shall we say, appreciating beauty and such when it appears in my life! Surely you were moved by the bravery and handsomeness of Luca and Marcello?

Sissy:  Okay, I appreciate chivalry as much as the next gal (I think it is a dying quality), and I am all for handsomeness.

Bubby: Yeah – you married a fairly fabulous man yourself, especially in the handsome and chivalrous department. Apologize for slandering me!

Sissy:  Nope.  You are a creepy 14th century knight lover!  And yes, my lovely hubby need not worry about my eyes wandering to fictional knights with bad breath.  That reminds me– I love how Gabi describes the smell of her beloved, all manly and positive, and I’m thinking that he probably smells like rank, dirty sweat and rotten, stuck between the teeth food.  But I guess that would take away from the romance…

Bubby: Bah, humbug. I am tired of your issues with the book genres we are reading – cozy murder mysteries have too many random dead bodies, foodie books have too many skinny people who eat anything they want and time travel novels have smelly people with bad hygiene. Me thinks you should just let go and FEEL. Become the story! Embrace the romance!

Sissy:  Thank you, Dr. Phil.  I am pleased with how well Gabi and Lia adapt to their situation and use their modern skills in the 14th century.  I also enjoyed their bravery and prowess in battle, although I did have to suspend belief a few times to go along with them not being killed in some unlikely situations.  I know that I would definitely have been dead.  And really tired.  And wanting a diet Coke.  But all in all, I thought Lisa T. Bergren did a great bit of writing here.

Bubby: The author manages to put in a few clever plot devices (no, I won’t tell you what they are because that would spoil everything) that save Gabi and Lia from certain death once or twice.

Sissy:  There are 3 books and 2 novellas in the River of Time series, and I read and liked them all.  However, I had to take a break between them because there was just too much mayhem and battle and swordplay going on and I felt tense.  I give Waterfall 3.5 bubbles.

Bubby: I enjoyed Waterfall immensely. I haven’t finished the series yet but it’s on the top of my to-do list. 3.5 bubbles from me too!

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