The earth has been invaded by an alien race simply known as “Souls” that take over the minds of humans and use their bodies. Most humans cannot resist and their consciousness disappears. But in the case of Wanderer, her new “host” named Melanie Stryder refuses to go silent. Wanderer never expected to have to battle with Melanie for possession of the body. Now as Melanie’s thoughts and feelings begin to influence Wanderer more and more, they must search for the man they both love and perhaps find a new home and new purpose along the way.

Bubby: I can already hear it. “What? Stephenie Meyer? Isn’t she that Twilight author? I hate/love/ignore Twilight! Another book by her?” Yes. She is the author of the Twilight series. But you’d never know it from reading The Host. No vampires here, sparkly or otherwise. No werewolves, no teenage love drama. Instead you will find a thoughtfully written novel about what it means to be human and what love really is. It’s so different from Twilight that one would think it was another author altogether, although, like Twilight, there has been a movie made – (coming out March 2013).

Sissy: This stunning new story concept from Stephenie Meyer is as un-Twilight-like as can be, which is fortunate because if it had been another vampire book I would have thrown myself into the gaping jaws of Hell (in a strictly non-literal, metaphorical way). This author has a very fertile imagination. So the premise is that alien silver worm-like creatures take over human bodies and thus take over the world making it a more “humane” and peaceful place. Sounds creepy, right?

Bubby: The interesting part is that the “Souls” don’t see anything wrong with taking over the humans. They have done this before on many worlds – Earth is just next on the list. They feel that by using the humans as hosts, they are making our world a cleaner, safer, better place. They have no understanding of how the humans feel about the conquest – humans are simply irrational and Souls are not. It’s not a war – it just is a way of life.

Sissy: This is a back-handed yet thoughtful treatment of racism and bigotry. What happens when the human consciousness and the Soul co-exist in the host’s mind? What happens when they begin to know and understand each other and feel sympathy for one another? And what about free will? This is my favorite of the author’s works so far.

Bubby: As Melanie and Wanderer spend more and more time sharing the host, each begins to more deeply understand the other. Unfortunately, this means that Wanderer starts to feel the same feelings as Melanie, including Melanie’s love for her boyfriend Jared. These feelings cause Wanderer, also known as Wanda, to go against her responsibilities and instead search out the little band of rebels hiding in a cave system designed by Melanie’s Uncle Jebb. There, for the first time, Wanda must deal directly with humans – some of whom want nothing more than for her to die and let Melanie have her body back.

Sissy: Oh my dear Bubby Muffy Boo-Boo. I feel that we are waxing so philosophic that we are becoming stodgy britches. Let us put in our cool silver rimmed contacts and talk about how a human can fall in love with an alien silver ribbon thingy.

Bubby: Ooo, like the ones the actors are wearing in the movie trailers? I am in!

Sissy: If the movie turns out to be as hideous as the first Twilight movie, I’m going to throw silver foil thingies at the screen in protest. You will like this book, my dear blog readers, because it is intellectually stimulating while at the same time being entertaining and romantic. Save the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. 4 bubbles.

Bubby: Yes, I do hope that they don’t butcher the movie. That would make me very sad. I loved this book – I love that it explores alien invasion in a new and different way. I love that everyone ends up  . . . well, I can’t tell you how everyone ends up but I liked the result. 4 bubbles.

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