Chloe is a college student in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her best friends Lori and Matthew convince her to be extras early one morning for  a movie starring the hottest actor of the moment, Jason Vanderholt.  Lori is obsessed with Jason while Chloe literally couldn’t care less. When Jason approaches Chloe during the shoot, she is completely uninterested – even more so when she realizes that he has a connection to her estranged family. Even though every other woman in America dreams of having a superstar in love with them, Chloe’s dreams are different. Being a famous man’s girlfriend is just not her fairytale. Even if it is his fairytale.

Bubby: Who hasn’t dreamed of being in the mall where Mr. Famous happens to be shopping and you catch his eye, resulting in a whirlwind romance that’s captured on the front pages of all the tabloids, taking you out of your normal humdrum life and making you a star by association? Not Chloe. And that’s what makes this book interesting. All Chloe wants is to finish college, get a good job and turn out to be the complete opposite of her mother.

Sissy: I like many things about Chloe. She doesn’t have a feather duster for brains, she doesn’t care about slick Hollywood stars and she has a legit dark past. The best thing, though, is that she refuses to hop in the sack with anyone and is considered weird and freakish because of it.  I could go on a real raving rant about this –

Bubby: I just bet you could! Are you going to? Please spare us!

Sissy: But suffice it to say that it pains my heart that someone who is virginal and 20-something is now considered to be a freak. So yea for Chloe!

Bubby: I too love Chloe’s moral code, especially since her roommate Lori is NOT on that program at all. Not that there’s any description of her “escapades” but Lori’s boyfriend stays over a lot and they really do think that Chloe is a little strange. In fact, Lori has trouble understanding much of anything Chloe does. When Jason first starts wooing Chloe, Lori is more impressed than Chloe is.  But Chloe’s past has made her distrustful of men in general and of rich, powerful men (like her father) in particular.

Sissy: Well, Bubby, you certainly have lots to say today. Is no one paying attention to you at home?

Bubby: Quite the opposite. I am amazing myself at my ability to create interesting content even while the children are swarming me. I am just fabulous like that.

Sissy: You are so amazing that my early onset dementia can’t even wrap itself around your amazingness. What was your college major, Craptology?

Bubby: Close. It was English. Do you have anything useful to add to the discussion or shall I review the rest of this book on my own? I am more than capable of doing so, you know!

Sissy: I imagine in my head the main characters as Josh Duhamel and Emma Stone.

Bubby: Emma Stone? Really? I was thinking more along the lines of Liam Hemsworth and perhaps Keira Knightly.

Sissy: Oh brother. Anyway, this is not a fluff piece. It has real substance, great back story and interesting relationship dynamics. Not for the girly girl crowd.

Bubby: I disagree, about the girly girl crowd anyway. Jason is such a sweet man and goes to such lengths to court Chloe as well as be there for her and shield her from the paparazzi that any girly girl will fall in love with him right off the bat.

Sissy: What I meant by that, Miss Bubby-I-Know-Everything is that if you’re expecting this to be all tiaras and pink froth, then you would be wrong. Stop reading this blog and go read the book already. I give it 4 bubbles. And stay tuned for my yet unnamed next blog, which will be rants about all the things inside me that are surging about and need to be vented.

Bubby: Oh, Sissy. No one wants to read a blog about your gastrointestinal disorders, especially not if they are making you “vent”. Stick with your day job! I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the sequel, Nobody’s Damsel, which will be published in January 2013. E.M. Tippetts has several other novels I enjoyed – give them a try! I give Someone Else’s Fairytale 3 1/2 bubbles.

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