Tara is your average everyday teenager. One evening she is walking home alone after a fight with her boyfriend George. She begins to feel strange; tingly, with goosebumps. Suddenly, right in front of her, she witnesses a girl changing into a werewolf.  Then the girl attacks. Without warning, Tara finds herself in a fight to the death – a fight that she wins. Stunned, she is found by a gorgeous boy named Wes who initiates her into a world she never knew existed. A world where if you aren’t a werewolf, then you are born to hunt them and the two factions are at war – with Tara and Wes caught between sides. Tara must find her place in this new world and decide who she is, who she loves and what she is willing to risk to have what she wants.

Bubby: I was initially thrown off by the title of this book. Dirty blood? Icky. Then I realized that it was a reference to Wes’  heritage. It was used as a slur, just like when Malfoy calls Hermione “mudblood” in Harry Potter. I knew right then that Max would become a great character – after all, so did Hermione! One might think that this book is going to be your typical teenager/werewolf/romance novel. One would be wrong. There are twists and turns and intricate plot changes that elevate it above the average.

Sissy: I was initially put off by the fact that this was a book with werewolves and the last dang thing I want to read about is werewolves anymore.

Bubby: But you liked it, didn’t you. Huh, admit it. You liked it.

Sissy: Yes I did like it and I’ll tell you why.

Bubby: I just bet you will.

Sissy: It wasn’t stupid like the last teenage magic book I read (which shall remained unnamed). The main character actually HAS a character and she finds the male love interest annoying because he’s a boy.

Bubby: She finds him annoying because he keeps secrets from her and drives a car (Aston Martin Volante, thank you very much) that no teenage boy has any right to be driving. Boys in expensive British sports cars are too cute. Not that I’d know from personal experience, mind you, but just look at James Bond. I rest my case.

Sissy: Also annoying is the fact that one of Wes’ powers is that he can make people forget things. And he pops up out of nowhere. But Tara also has powers and the book hints that she might have ones that are more unique and rare than his.

Bubby: I enjoyed the unique plot. Turns out that there is a secret alliance between Weres and Hunters that is trying to create peace between the two races. Wes and Tara have a special place in this alliance because for reasons I will not divulge, both the Weres and the Hunters want them on their side. Wes and Tara are also the only ones with “powers”.

Sissy: There are also sneaky and secret family connections and a surprising villain.

Bubby: Although she isn’t introduced until near the end of the story, I LOVED Tara’s grandma. She is a crusty no-nonsense old biddy who takes no crap, drives a Hummer and loves her family with all her heart. What’s better than that?

Sissy:Reminds me of you a little!

Bubby: Thanks! Although I only wish I drove a Hummer.  Or a Mustang.  Instead I drive a crappy minivan.

Sissy: I had a Porsche once.

Bubby: I remember. You made me ride in the non-existent back seat. And you only had it for like ten minutes.

Sissy: Fun sucker. That is what you are. OK, so back to the story. What is Grandma’s connection to the alliance? Is she CIA? OSS? A buyer for Bloomingdales? I will never tell.

Bubby: Actually, we don’t really find out much. That would be why there is book two, Cold Blood and book three, Blood Bond. Haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but they are high on my list.

Sissy: And when Bubby buys them, I will borrow them.

Bubby: You are my favorite book collection parasite.

Sissy: Your life would be nothing without me.

Bubby: OK. Whatever. I really liked Dirty Blood and I give it 3 1/2 bubbles.

Sissy: It was good, but not memorable for me. 3 bubbles.

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