Bubby: Sissy! Have you drawn the names of the winners of our book giveaway yet?

Sissy: Yes. The numbers were totaled by the accounting firm of B&P and two winners were randomly selected.

Bubby: Well? The suspense is killing me! Who won?

Sissy: Winner #1 and recipient of the two Purgatory books, signed by author Amy Sutorious Harmon is Erin Gibson of Chicago, IL!

Bubby: Woohoo!

Sissy: Winner #2 and recipient of Running Barefoot, signed by Amy Harmon is Andrew Tolman of Arizona!

Bubby: Congratulations Erin and Andrew!

Sissy: And the winner of our grand prize and title of Empress of the Universe is Sissy!

Bubby: What? Are you mental?

Sissy: Give me my tiara and roses!!

Bubby: While Sissy takes her turn down the runway (at the mental institution) I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who entered and especially to Amy Harmon for being kind enough to provide our prizes.

Sissy: Congratulations to all!