Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night In Purgatory and Running Barefoot 

BubbyHey Sissy! Let’s run a contest!

Sissy: Good idea, Bubby. Let me get you an Advil for the headache that must have given you!

Bubby: Ptthbbt! (Raspberry in Sissy’s general direction)

Sissy: Good thing one of our very favorite authors, Amy Harmon, has given us three books, signed by her! to give away.

Bubby: Fantastic! So what does one have to do to win an author-signed book, dearest Sissy-lou?

Sissy: Clean one of my toilets, make me dinner and give me a foot rub.

Bubby: Um, no, I don’t think so. How about instead, everyone who likes us on our Facebook page ( just type in Bubble Bath Books and you’ll find us) and comments on one of our reviews is entered into the contest?

Sissy: Very good! And I shall take all the names and place them in my Bingo Ball Roller Cage, swirl them around and allow you to pick one out with your eyes closed.

Bubby: You have REALLY got to quit ordering things at midnight from the Shopping Channel. But it is a good plan. I think we should have two winners, though. One for Running Barefoot and one for the Purgatory series.

Sissy: So, all one has to do is LIKE us on our Facebook page and COMMENT on one of our fabulous reviews to be entered to win a free book!

Bubby: Contest starts NOW (Saturday, October 27) and runs through Friday, November 2 at the stroke of midnight. Winners will be announced on Saturday, November 3 unless we are attacked by Zombies during Halloween.