We, the eminently knowledgeable and sophisticated staff here at Bubble Bath Books . . . O.K. There is no staff.   No staph either.  (That last gem was from Sissy, NOT Bubby. Just saying.) Where was I? Oh, yes. We, Bubby and Sissy, have decided that while we like to focus on newer releases in our reviews, that leaves out some of our old favorites. You know, the ones you go back to year after year because they are just THAT good. (We may have to translate some of Sissy’s picks from the original Egyptian scroll they were written on. She’s THAT old, you know). From now on, each Friday we will feature an oldie but goodie in a segment called “Friday Favorites.” (Sissy will make sure that Bubby isn’t allowed to choose the board books she still chews on!) Bubby and Sissy don’t always agree on what Friday favorites should be so Sissy threw a fit and decided she should get to choose first. We will alternate choosing a Favorite each week, starting, of course, with Sissy’s pick. Hope you enjoy!