Stephen Leeds, AKA ‘Legion,’ is a man who has a unique mental condition. He is able to generate multiple personalities that he can see and interact with just as if they were real people in the room.  Each of these personalities has a  highly specialized skill set which Stephen uses to solve the many dilemmas he encounters.  As the story begins, Stephen Leeds and his personalities are hired to search for Balubal Razon, a missing inventor of a camera that can actually take pictures of the past.  Starting in America, the book takes you all the way to Jerusalem.  Along the way, Legion discusses complex questions such as the mysterious abilities of the human mind, how time works and the nature of faith.

Bubby: This is a novella from renowned Sci Fi/Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.  It’s very short, only 88 pages, but well worth the $2.99 to get it as an e-book.  I am constantly amazed at the diversity of Sanderson’s writing abilities. It’s amazing to think that this book came from the same mind that wrote the Mistborn series, finished Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and also wrote the young adult series Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians.

Sissy:  Clever Brandon Sanderson came up with a new twist on multiple personalities in fiction.  If I had hallucinations I would certainly want them to be helpful and brilliant, as these are, and not entities that tell me to kill people or blow up public buildings and such.  At present I would like to have a computer genius for my imaginary friend.

Bubby: I love how the book managed to be both amusing and thought-provoking. One of the main questions was how would hard knowledge affect one’s faith? It’s interesting to think about. I have many things that I believe that cannot be proven or disproven scientifically. How would my belief, for example, in Santa Claus, change if I could photographically prove that he exists?

Sissy:  Oh how Bubby doth wax philosophic today!  Methinks she needs to read a comedy next.  As for Santa Claus, he is real, end of story.

Bubby: But didn’t it make you have deep thoughts, Sissy? Or am I assuming too much to believe that you still CAN have deep thoughts? I love the way that Stephen relates to his alter-egos. They have to have their own seats on the airplane, their own room at his mansion and each is so completely different from the other.

Sissy:  There is also an interesting sub-plot going on in this book about Stephen’s long-lost love, Sandra, which leads me to hope this will turn into a full-length novel or series of novellas.  I could go for a series of Nutellas right now, and yes, I am ignoring Bubby’s hurtful insinuations about my cognitive abilities (or lack thereof).  Anyway, our author has linked the two plots with a delightful clue, and I can’t wait for further mysteries for Stephen to solve and more searches for the beloved Sandra.

Bubby:  It would be wonderful if this was turned into a full length novel. I would pre-order that right now! I have hope that Brandon Sanderson is leaning that way because of the tantalizing little hints about the previous romance with Sandra. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I highly recommend all of Brandon Sanderson’s books – I own them all and they are all great. Legion gets 4 1/2 bubbles.

Sissy: Never read Sanderson before, but now I shall read more.  It will not be a chore.  (Bubby is grumbling in the background that this is not a Dr. Seuss blog and that I should not rhyme heretofore).  I give Legion 4 solid bubbles (is that even possible?).