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 When Lance Michelli’s grandmother sends him on a quest to uncover forgotten family secrets, he ends up at a villa in Sonoma, CA. He needs answers, but the villa is now owned by Rese Barret, a young woman who wants nothing to do with Lance or his mission. At first adversaries, a fierce attraction brings them closer together as they begin to uncover a mystery that has been hidden for decades.

Bubby: This is a great love story.  An added bonus for me was that great Italian cooking is featured prominently all the way through. No recipes, though. Too bad. The characters here are very dynamic – Lance and Rese go through lots of growth, both personally and in their relationships with others.

Sissy: Growth, schmowth! I wanted to slap Rese upside the head because it took her so long to behave like I wanted her to behave. Plus, I was confused at first as to whether they were in Italy or California.  And when books talk about food all the time, all I want to do is eat. 

Bubby: Schmowth? Is that even a word? Sissy forgets all the issues that Rese had to overcome.  I did want her to move it along a bit faster, but it all turned out great. Or maybe not. Read it and find out! And just to clear up any confusion, the book begins in New York, goes to Italy for a bit and ends up in California.

Sissy: I enjoyed the book enough to purchase the second and third installments in the series. Bubby also forgot to mention the delicious historical mystery that lurks within the pages.  I still want to slap Rese in the head.

Bubby: What kind of person goes around wanting to slap people in the head all the time? Now I can’t remember what else I was going to say about the book.

Sissy: Come on, Bubby, I’m the one in the menopausal haze! What about the skeletons? Secret passageways? Hidden treasure?

Bubby: Not to mention The Mob, a few wacky friends, and a loud dysfunctional family. Wait, are we talking about the book or our last family reunion? All joking aside, this is a great read. I really got drawn into the story and couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out.

Sissy: Definitely read this book. I give it 3.5 bubbles.

Bubby: Yep. 3.5 bubbles from me too.

Click HERE to buy Secrets (The Michelli Family Series #1) by Kristen Heitzmann at

Click HERE to buy Secrets (The Michelli Family Series #1) by Kristen Heitzmann at

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Bubby & Sissy have decided this whole book review blog thing would be a lot better if we rated each book. We thought a lot about what kind of system to have – 1 to 10 Godiva chocolates? Stars? Thumbs up or down? The obvious choice was, of course, bubbles! From now on, all our reviews will include a rating of 1 to 5 bubbles. The more bubbles, the better the rating! And just in case we can’t agree, Bubby and Sissy will rate the books separately. Thanks for reading!

 Maggie is a 17 year old orphan who has just found a home with her elderly aunt in Texas. When she begins working part-time at the high school, she quickly finds herself deep in a 50 year old unsolved mystery and deep in love with a ghost – a boy who is neither alive nor dead but imprisoned in a purgatory from which he can find no release.

Bubby: We came across this book as a recommendation from a mutual friend. I was skeptical at first because Amy Harmon is a self-published author and there’s a lot of not-so-good in that field, but Sissy insisted I read it.

Sissy : Bubby fancies herself to be somewhat of a literary guru, which is why she was initially skeptical, but I was immediately drawn in to this story.  Also, author Amy Harmon has a really cool middle name.

Bubby: I couldn’t have been more wrong in this case – yes, I am admitting I was wrong.  I was hooked after the first chapter. This book is set in both modern day and in the 1950’s, an era I just love.  What’s not to like about poodle skirts, fabulous cars and boys with slicked-back hair and letterman jackets? Each chapter is titled after a classic 50’s song and I have to admit that I was singing along in my head, okay, out loud, as I read.

Sissy: I don’t much care for oily hair, but young love, time travel, and an original twist on the paranormal are all things I like in a story, and I’m just deluded enough to think I’m not too far  removed from the YA lit demographic.

Bubby: Ha! I am pretty far removed from that demographic and I’m WAY younger than Sissy!

Sissy: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my infant sister, Ms Harmon is a natural storyteller, yes she is, and that means when you read this book you will float right into the tale and be compelled to promptly purchase book two.

Bubby: I completely agree. The sequel is “Prom Night in Purgatory” – just as good as the first book. I also suggest checking out “Running Barefoot”, Amy Harmon’s debut novel.

Click HERE to buy Slow Dance in Purgatory by Amy Harmon at

Click HERE to buy Slow Dance in Purgatory by Amy Harmon at

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Welcome to Bubble Bath Books! This is a blog dedicated to helping you find just the right book to give you that Calgon moment – to take you away from it all.  We have read bajillions of books – some great, some not so great – and we’ve had so much fun sharing and yes, arguing, over them that we thought the world should join in our discussion. We only review books we love – no sense wasting time on crap! We often disagree on particulars but we always agree that if it’s not a clever, unique, enthralling book then why read it? You won’t find any bodice-ripping romances here. No stuffy classics or high-brow erudite tomes. Just good, mostly clean, fascinating reads.

Now all you have to do is run yourself a bubble bath, grab some of your favorite chocolates (ours are Godiva) and pick up one of these great books and enjoy. Voila! Instant nirvana.

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